About Really Green IT

innovation-centreReally Green IT Ltd is a specialist supplier of low-energy, sustainable ICT infrastructure. Really Green offers a range of unique and innovative solutions which allow our customers to operate partially or fully ‘off-grid’. Using direct and stored power from renewable energy sources, our solutions are ideal for organisations that have unreliable or no access to mains electricity, or for those who simply want to reduce their electricity bills.

Our end-to-end DC solutions provide, capture, harness and distribute renewable energy without the need for costly and inefficient inverters. This inherent efficiency results in reductions in energy wastage of up to 50% when compared to conventional inverter-based technologies.


Our Ethos

At Really Green we are committed to the environment. We take our social responsibilities seriously and we try to practice what we preach. It is our view that manufacturers and vendors working within the IT sector should be actively encouraging their customers to reduce their carbon footprint. We believe in working with and for the environment so it’s important to us that the Earth’s resources are used wisely. Whilst Really Green can supply all standard ICT tier one product lines such as HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Dell, Apple and Samsung, we also work closely with strategic partners at the forefront of developing technologies that utilise direct and stored power from renewable energy sources. In doing so our clients can secure dramatic cost savings as well as helping to safeguard the environment.