green-educationWith ICT comprising up to 25% of energy spend within a typical school or college, it’s not surprising that many educational establishments are seeking to reduce the cost of delivering and maintaining education ICT services. Really Green offers a range of bespoke low-energy computing solutions including a DC based range of servers and client devices as well as DC infrastructure to support them. Core to these offerings are a choice of thin client, zero client and standard fat client computing solutions, all of which can be powered partially or fully off-grid.

Our DC based fat client solution offers improved user-experience in tandem with massively reduced energy costs, longer refresh cycles and significantly reduced management overhead and would benefit any entity looking to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with running standard infrastructure and end-points.

To find out how your school, college or university could reduce IT- related energy spend, or to book a demonstration of any of our low energy computing solutions, please email us at