Our Core Technologies

Capture, store, distribute and utilise power from renewable energy sources, be it wind, solar or water. Do it anywhere. In doing so meet carbon footprint directives, improve user-experiences and save money. Too good to be true?

Really Green offers a range of DC based technologies, specifically designed to reduce energy consumption, heat and noise output and other costs typically associated with standard ICT infrastructure. Here’s how we do it:

Local and Renewable Energy Generation


In recent years we have seen exponential leaps forward in the technologies used to capture renewable energy. Advances in solar cell solutions mean that they no longer require consistently bright and sunny conditions in order to capture sufficient energy to partially or fully power ICT infrastructure. Our solar PV systems can be deployed inside or outside ICT suite windows and as few as 6 panels can provide enough energy to power a 30 user ICT suite, night and day irrespective of ambient conditions.

Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions

storeOnce captured, energy is stored in cutting-edge energy management systems prior to distribution to server and end-point estate. These systems manage and release the stored power efficiently and in extreme conditions can also draw low-cost current to ensure service provision is never disrupted.

Intelligent Power Distribution Solutions

distributeOur technology partners have developed systems designed to distribute DC electrical energy over longer distances so any server and client device estate integrated into our solutions can be powered by DC power exclusively. Not only does this eliminate the need for any conversion into less efficient and more expensive AC power, but it also means that more of the energy captured and stored is used to provide power during darkness or poor weather conditions. The DC power is distributed safely and efficiently through purpose-built switching using standard Cat5 cables, thereby negating the need for many, if not all, mains AC outputs and the costs associated with them.

Intelligent Demand and Usage

utilise-slideOur client device solutions are dramatically different to typical industry offerings. Our systems are exclusively powered by DC electricity rather than standard AC mains power, using highly efficient, intelligent DC power distribution units. In addition, these client devices have been specifically designed to use less power and to use what little power they do require more efficiently.